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zero heroes

Zero Cuisine has been very lucky. Since its inception, we have had the backing and support of many, and we know we couldn’t have gotten this far without such help. We refer to these incredible individuals as our Zero Heroes.

Zero Cuisine is a product perfect for every diet, including paleo, vegan, gluten-free. It is high in fiber; low in calories, carbs, and fat; and high in Vitamin C. Since our launch, Zero Cuisine has been written about in numerous papers around Singapore and are shipping across Singapore and the United States. We had a fantastic debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC and have been featured on prominent lifestyle blogs, and continue to grow our physical distribution channels. None of this would have been possible without such unwavering support.

We Salute Our Zero Heroes

More than anything, our Zero Heroes are those who have believed in the product and the brand from the beginning. They understood our vision, and were committed to seeing Zero Cuisine realized. They have offered good business advice, assisted in the manufacturing process, and helped with the logistics. Many others provided the financial support to get Zero Cuisine in production and shipped around the world.

We’re very thankful for those who have supported us in all these ways and more. Here are our Zero Heroes:

  • Paul Sng, Singapore
  • Jerel Kwek, USA / Singapore
  • Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan, Malaysia
  • Don Yeong, Malaysia
  • Ken Chee, Singapore
  • Carlos Besse Peres, UK
  • Vitor Santos, Portugal
  • Howard James, Hong Kong