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Dieting Mistakes & Strategies: Break The Cycle Now

Serene Loong - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

There is a statistic that 95% of all diets end in failure. This seems obscenely high, right? What are the biggest dieting mistakes users tend to make, and what strategies can combat them?

At first glance, it might seem as if it's all the dieter's fault for not sticking to the program. Rather than thinking about it this way, we should look at the diets themselves. With statistics so high, it cannot always be the fault of the people trying the diet. Something must be wrong with the systems they are trying to follow. We need to instead ask a new question: Why are so many diets set up in such a way that they have to end in failure?

Why 95% of Dieters FailWe’ve compiled an email series that covers dieting mistakes and strategies to help you stop falling into the traps that restrictive and punishing diets can set for you. Each week, you’ll receive an email that discusses one specific mistake that most diets force you to make, and ways for you to break out of that cycle and start building solid habits for healthy living. We’re calling this our Body Transformation series, but don’t be misled: you’ll be transforming your entire body, inside and out.

Healthy dieting is about more than just the physical aspects, and this email series focuses on how important it is pay attention to your mind as you begin creating healthy eating and exercise habits. Each email includes an activity for your mind as well as your body.

If you’re ready to replace healthy strategies for dieting mistakes, then click here to sign up for this brand new email series. Stop thinking about your health and life as something you can fail at; start thinking about how you can succeed every day.

3 ways to undo all that festive feasting

Serene Loong - Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3 Ways To Undo All That Festive Feasting


Superhero juggling fruits and veggies


Overindulged over the holidays? Fret not.


Here are three ways vegetable and fruits can help you shed those extra pounds you might have gained.


Have an apple before every meal to curb your appetite.



Replace your simple carbohydrates with vegetables. This is the basis of Zero Cuisine’s Cauliflower Mash. Get yours by clicking here.  


#3. For some, doctors may even recommend a juice fast.

Watch Joe Cross lose 90 pounds (40.9kg)  and get off his medications in a medically supervised 60-day juice fast.

Here’s the link to watch for free the classic 2011 Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary movie that arguably inspired the modern juicing phenomenon:


Zero Cuisine debuts at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2014, NYC

Serene Loong - Sunday, June 29, 2014
Zero Cuisine At the Summer Fancy Food Show 2014, NYC

Zero Cuisine debuts at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2014, NYC

Show starts in about 12 hours at the Jacob K. Javitis Convention Centre, NYC. 29 June - 1 July from 10 am. More than 180,000 products including natural and organic ones from 80 countries / regions.

Stockists wanted

This year, we are looking for stockists! So if you're a store, restaurant or website serving a health-conscious crowd, write to us at for special wholesale rates now!

More information on the show here:

An interview with Zero Cuisine's founder

Serene Loong - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Katjuju's Interview with Zero Cuisine's founder


In 2003, Serene went on a date with destiny (in other words, with Anthony Robbins). She made a list of big audacious goals and learnt skills to make it happen; from bagging an award-winning career in advertising to purchasing her second home before turning 30. In 2009, the global economic crisis hit and Serene was retrenched from her high-flying career. Three years after losing her job, a holiday with a friend changed her life.

To read the full article, click here:

How To Make Cauliflower Mash In 3 Minutes: Video

Serene Loong - Sunday, March 30, 2014

Could this be the world's fastest cauliflower mash ever made?

Making cauliflower mash from scratch can take 20 minutes or more. Making Zero Cuisine Cauliflower Mash takes just 3 minutes. That’s a big difference!

Watch this short video to see how quickly and easily you can have a healthy and delicious side dish to your favorite meal. All it requires is water, cauliflower mash powder, and any of your favorite seasonings or herbs to dress it up.

Zero Cuisine is ideal for those looking to cut out some carbs in their diets. Our cauliflower mash is currently available in Wasabi & Chives and Garlic, Herbs & Sea Salt flavors. Eat healthier, faster.

Just click on the video to watch the magic unfold!: