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Do you want to be a member of the Zero Cuisine family and earn some money while you’re at it? Sign up to be part our affiliate program, where affiliates earn commissions simply for hosting our banners, articles, and links to direct customers to our site.

Who Can Be An Affiliate?
Well, anyone, really! The perfect Zero Cuisine affiliate candidate has a website, e-zine, blog, or online newsletter that caters to food, health, diet or fitness. You could also be a company with clients who also match our target audience.

Who’s Our Target Audience?
Wondering if your target audience and ours will really mesh? We are specifically looking to reach folks in the US or Singapore who:

  • Are interested in healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Seeking diabetes meal plans or recipes
  • Are fitness gurus
  • Follow Low-Carb Diets
  • Live gluten-free and are looking for gluten-free foods and recipes
  • Are interested in high fiber supplementation
  • Parents with kids who don't consume many vegetables

How Does It Work?
It does not cost anything to become a Zero Cuisine affiliate. Simply sign up to become a part of our affiliate program. Once you have been approved as an affiliate, you’ll let your readers know about our product. You may host our banners or articles, or link to us on your site or in your newsletters or emails. Your site will generate a stream of online income as your customers or readers click the links and visit us. You’ll get regular communication from us so that you know what we are doing, helping to ensure that this partnership is successful for everyone.

Becoming a Zero Cuisine affiliate is absolutely FREE!

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For Asia and the rest of the world, please drop us a line using the Contact Us form.